As part of the Presbytery of the James Youth Organization (POJ YO) GCPC is able to offer students an experience that echos all of the typical expectations of a youth group, while still taking part in the larger church of the Richmond area.

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Sunday School

Youth Mentoring Class on Sunday Mornings, Room 301

Come up to the loft at 9:30 every Sunday morning to join in and contribute to teen-led projects. We need your student leadership in our church family and our community! Let's see what God has in store for us together. 


Events and Activities

We know how to have fun, but we also take opportunities to get involved with and serve our community. We go on day trips to the beach, watch movies, play laser tag, visit a nearby corn maze and do a variety of service projects. Please be sure to get on our mailing list to keep an eye out for youth activities.


Why Youth Group?

In a culture that sometimes downplays the abilities of youth, the church expects a lot of them. We encourage students to take their lives and their faith seriously. We urge them to move beyond a child-like faith to a stage of personal exploration and experience with God and his Word. We help them attain a wider vision for involvement in God’s Kingdom as they spend time serving with local mission organizations.


The middle-school and high-school years are some of the most important years in life. It’s a time of transition in so many ways, and we help the youth continue to grow as disciples through this time, walking with them as they wade through the complex issues of faith, adolescence, relationships, and more.

Want to Know More?

We welcome your inquiries and involvement. Please always feel free to contact Elder Jess Reveley for more information about this ministry.