GCPC Staff

GCPC Staff

Rev. Nelson Reveley, Ph.D.
Parish Associate for Outreach
Christopher Martin, M.S.M.
Music Director and Organist
Erin Cook
Office and Media Manager
Randy Nunn


Elders serve the church as leaders. Deacons lead the church in service. 

Please feel free to approach them with any questions or feedback about Grace Covenant’s ministries. To learn more about the governing structure of the PCUSA, see below.


Clerk of Session: Dana McKnight

Class of 2020

Susan Pillsbury David, Mission

Everett Reveley, Stewardship and Treasurer

Class of 2021

Dana McKnight, Worship and Clerk of Session

Nate McKinnon, Adult Christian Ed.

Brian Baird, Admin/Personnel and Nominating 

Class of 2022

Cheryl Atchison, Finance

Matthew Oatts, Admin/Personnel, Ministry Team

Warren Zirkle, Property 


Moderator of the Diaconate: Carlton Boisseau

Class of 2020

Itunu Adekoya, Service

Ginny Hardman, Compassion

Elizabeth Russell, Hospitality Chair

Karl Rubis, Fellowship Chair

Class of 2021

Carlton Boisseau, Fellowship and Moderator

Helen Lanier Reveley, Hospitality

Diane Davis, Hospitality Chair

Gary Flake, Service Chair

Class of 2022

Margaret Harvie, Compassion Chair

Sarah Oatts, Compassion

Courtney Clements, Service 


Warren Zirkle (’20)
John Nevin ('21)

Susan Boze ('22)

PCUSA Leadership

Leadership in the Presbyterian Church is housed neither solely in an individual nor in the congregation as a whole but is instead representative in nature. The session and the board of deacons constitute the main leadership bodies in the Presbyterian Church and together are responsible for leading the congregation in its faith, life, worship, and mission.

The session is the main governing body of the church and consists of elected leaders called elders. There are two kinds of elders that serve together on the session: teaching elders (ministers responsible for preaching the gospel) and ruling elders (guiding church members who are not ministers). They together are responsible for the faith, life, mission, and government of the church. Among other responsibilities, the session prays with and for the members and ministers of the church, receives new members, approves the administration of baptism and of the Lord’s Supper, provides for all our worship services, sets the budget, and oversees our educational programs, mission work, and outreach.

The word deacon comes from the Bible and means servant. Throughout its history the Christian Church has recognized some of its members as especially gifted to serve others and has appointed people to serve as deacons. Here at Grace Covenant deacons are elected and organized into a board of deacons. Together they are responsible for leading the congregation in ministries of sympathy and compassion. Our deacons offer congregational care and assistance during times of special need, pray for our members and friends, usher for all worship services, receive the offerings and gifts of the people during worship, care for our college and graduate school students, visit and take flowers to our hospitalized or at-home members, assist with funerals, administer the Deacons’ Fund, and more.

We are also led by a dedicated staff that works hard to ensure that our congregation continues to grow in the faith and serve others in love.

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