Endowment and Building Funds

The Grace Covenant Endowment Fund and the Grace Covenant Building Fund were established for separate and distinct purposes. The boards of the two funds currently consists of nine Grace Covenant members and are identical in order to avoid competition between the funds. Each fund has its specific purposes and the boards solicit contributions, memorial and honor gifts, and bequests depending upon the interest of the donor.

Endowment Fund, est. 1961

1. Stated Purpose: Grants to be used only for religious, charitable, benevolent, educational or literary purposes, but not for the current expenses or benevolent budget of Grace Covenant.

2. The prohibition against the Fund's use in meeting Grace Covenant's budget was thought necessary in order that the availability of the Fund's income might not become a disincentive to annual giving. Grants by the Fund, however, add to and augment the annual benevolent program of the church as the gifts are given in the name of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church.


In 2016, grants were made to the following organizations, please click to view their websites:

Building Fund, est. 1980

Stated Purpose: Income and/or principal to be used for major capital expenditures involving maintenance, repair, or improvement of the physical facilities of Grace Covenant.

Join the Legacy

Your gift to the Endowment or Building Fund will help ensure we are able to continue faithfully serving Christ in our community and around the world for generations to come. Consider a donation or leverage your resources through other methods of stewardship such as a will or bequest.


Go to the Give Online page and be sure to select "Endowment Fund" or "Building Fund" from the drop down menu once you open the giving portal. Contact Jake Savage with questions or to discuss other ways of giving to these funds.

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